Liquid Crystal Injection System

Liquid Crystal Injection for TFT Panel



"LIQUID CRYSTAL INJECTION" takes charge of important process which injects "LIQUID CRYSTAL" into an "Aligned Panels" at assembly process of liquid crystal panel.
As panel size becomes larger, further improvement for shortening an operation cycle and down sizing of equipment are being required.
It is also required to facilitate equipment to meet with customer's individual specification for their crystal implanting conditions.

SHIMADZU is producing highly qualified "LIQUID CRYSTAL INJECTION" applying these customer's requests.

Fine Temperature Control Technology

  • Temperature distribution in the cell 130 ± 1.5°C (for 17"panel)
    Þapplying for FLC, AFLC panel etc.
  • Heating control for the crystal
    Þshortening an injection speed

Fine control technology for vacuum and pressure

  • Injection chamber is controlled precisely from high vacuum (10-5 Pa order) to a pressure condition (1kg/cm2G).
  • Adopting an oil-free exhausting system (Turbo-molecular pump and Dry pump)
    Þpreventing an impurity intrusion
    Þshortening an injection speed

Application technology for particle and contamination

  • Electro-polishing for an inner face of injection chamber and parts finishing
  • Adopting a slow exhausting and venting
    Þpreventing dust blown up

Auto-processing technology

  • Recipe setting suitable for various panels
  • Capability for auto systems like cassette-to-cassette


  1. Operation speed:
    80 panels/batch for 14" panel
    (ex; 20 panels/hour as 1batch=4hours)
  2. Vacuum pumping system:
    Turbo-molecular pump + Dry pump
  3. Chamber construction: Two rooms
  • Injection chamber:
    After vacuum pumping a chamber, attaching panel and liquid crystal, the liquid crystal is injected into the panel by atmospheric pressure. The liquid crystal is heated up (up to 100°C) by a heater mounted in the liquid crystal tray.
  • Loading chamber:
    As it facilitate cassette loading system, ionizer, hepper filter, the cassette loading/unloading is automatically proceeded.

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